Car interior

Citro-Toon Handelsonderneming - Borculo - LiningUnder the same flag from  Citro Classique is the company Citro Toon an understanding at home and abroad. The upholstery is available in fabrics, vinyl or leather trim, possibly completely assembled

The main objective is a good quality upholstery at affordable prices, especially in a wide scale of colors and patterns.

  • Complete interiors
  • Armrests
  • Door trim
  • Car seat covers
  • Head rests (normal and small)
  • Carpet Sets
  • Sky Upholstery Fabric (fabric or ready-made whole, or non-pallas pallas)
  • Bonnet isulation
  • Shelf trimkit
  • Mat Sets
  • B and C -pillar trim

And above all: no waiting, dozens of sets in stock and ready to ship.


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