Citro Classique supplies from its own warehouse (s), new parts for your Citroen DS / IS (Berline, Break and Convertible).

New components: hydraulics, seals, sheet metal, gaskets, engine parts, accessories, etc. are well stocked and ready to ship (pick up or send is also possible).

There are parts in stock, which are deferred and can be mounted directly. Wheel rims (blasted, powder coating and in the correct color) are also available.

Meanwhile, many DS / ID holders found their way to Citro Classique for these parts.

Citro Classique own warehouse has a tremendous amount of used parts for your Citroen DS / ID (Berline, Break or Convertible).

All this is on three floors at the location in Borculo your disposal. These components are readily available or can be sent.

In the store arranged everything: sheet metal, rubber, glass, engine, trim, stainless steel trim, steering, controls, starter motors, alternators, etc.

You can always contact regarding any questions or availability of the new and / or used parts.

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