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The local Achterhoeker she knows still under the name AWAPO, Car Wash and Polishing Company grandpa Langelaar in Eibergen. Many people know the company of Richard and Show Langelaar obviously better if Citro-Classique from Borculo. The address for all your maintenance, repairs, restorations and parts for the ID / DS. In April 2012 the fiftieth anniversary of the company was celebrated.

Fifty years of experience
Richard holds sway at Citro-Classique. In 2006 he took over the company from father Show, which in turn forty years ago took over from his father and transformed it into the ID / DS-specialist it is today. This Show is still a familiar face in the workplace, is not so strange. After Richard took over the activities of Citro-Classique, he has at the same address under the name Citro-Show specializes as a wholesaler of interior parts and polyester sheet metal. Of course with an emphasis on the Citroen ID / DS.

Everything in stock
The strength of Citro-Classique is in the whole range. APK to total restoration tailor Richard Langelaar and his team have an answer to any question that the possession or the dream of an ID / DS can raise. Making Years of experience and vast warehouses full of cars and parts that "no" is not in the dictionary of Citro-Classique. Customers but also colleagues from home and abroad known for years that the claim that everything here in the ID / DS is in stock, is no myth. His stocks depleted, the remaining parts used on the market of dubious quality or rather sparse, Citro-Classique will take the lead and make them new. At competitive prices. This keeps ID / DS driving fun and affordable for everyone. A simple look in the attic above the garage emphasizes this even further. NOS are neatly organized, new and second-organized side by side. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A small bridge to Citro-Show. As mentioned wholesale interior and polyester sheet metal parts for the ID / DS. Recently Display provides these also share the HY. As always, everything is produced in-house. Upholstery Fabric in all currently available colors. Or processed to complete interiors, especially abroad, as hoezenset. Remember, of course, not the covering of floor, shelf and sky. The polyester body parts look neat and groomed. Here you can see that there is work made from the molds and production. And also here, all in stock. For the Citroën ID / DS Citro-Classique Obviously the designated dealer in the Netherlands. For the known ribbelbus the customer can contact the HY-renowned experts at home and abroad.

Out of love for the DS
It's nothing new to say here that the Netherlands is at the top, where it concerns the popularity of Citroën's renowned D model. It should come as no surprise that the number one in spare parts, maintenance and restoration of these legendary cars coming out of our own little country. A company with a lot of love for the ID / DS.

Citro-Classique in Borculo. A name to remember.

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