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Citro-Classique and preventive maintenance

Citro-Classique is a specialist company that performs preventive maintenance on your Citroën ID or Citroën  DS can provide. With almost sixty years of experience and passion in the field of the Citroën brand, we ensure that we satisfy our customers.

Citroen ID / DS

Citro-Classique has extensive specialist experience with the maintenance of your Saloon, Break or Cabriolet. One of the specialties is the revision  of your DS/ID engine. Expertise and experience  is something

Citro-Classique is of paramount importance.

Citro-Classique motorrevisie.JPG


If your engine or gearbox  is due for an overhaul, Citro-Classique will completely or partially overhaul it. Thanks to years of experience, Citro-Classique can carry out this overhaul carefully and professionally.  

Citro-Classique takes care of  from dismantling to reassembling the engine, the overhauled engine or gearbox can also be delivered to you.

Citro-Classique revisie motor.JPG

Citroen 2CV

Citro-Duck is also located in the Citro-Classique building. Karel Boesveld specializes in the repair and restoration of air-cooled Citroëns, such as the 2CV, AK, Dyane, Ami and Mehari.

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